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Have an idea?

Whether you are a wargaming player or if you are designing your own game, we can help you.
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How do we work?

1. Send us pics

Just send us references and we'll craft your 3d custom printed miniature based on them. You can send us concept arts, sketches or pics.

From this to this

We’ll convert into 3D any 2D reference you send us.
Even if you aren’t good at arts!

Quick guide

We can work from these references
  • Concept arts made by artists.
  • Your own draws or scribbles.
  • Pics you’ve found on the Internet. You can send us clothes, armours, faces, weapons, animal parts… We’ll mix and match them!
  • A wide description of your idea. The more details you provide us, more accurate your model will be.
Better avoid:
  • Don’t send us thumbnail or tiny images. If you can’t see them, neither we can’t!
  • Pixel art. Unless you desire a Minecraft style miniature, of course.
  • Anime characters in motion. These kind of art is been designed to be observed from a single point of view, but your miniature will be visible from 360º! We need to be inspired by real people. Just take a shot of yourself posing -it’s fun an simple!- or look for a similar pic.

2. 3D modelling

Our artists will convert your 2D reference into a 3D model with the most advanced techniques

  1. We’ll start modelling your figure at T-pose -with arms standing straight with spread-eagle arms. At this stage we will create all the items with simmetry.
  2. Once you validate it, we’ll pose your character as you wish.
  3. When your character has movement, we’ll add all elements with movement: long hair or breads, cloacks, hanging weapons or accesories…
  4. Finished! We just need to add a base and check the final file. Your model will be ready to be 3D printed!

3. 3D Printing

Our smaller designs -from tiny to medium creatures- are printed via Shapeways, the leading company at 3D printing. This way we can offer the best service at the best price.

Larger designs are printed in our workshop with the most suitable technology for any of them: PLA for enormous monsters and resin for large and huge creatures and display figurines up to 25cm in its larger dimension.

At Furry and the Beast we have experience designing for multiple materials and can help you decide wich one is the apropiate for your project. We can also guarantee it will be 100% printable in the material and scale for which your figure has been designed.

Not sure wich material would you need for your custom miniature? Check out our quick guide:

pla printed figurine monster tromokratis


  • Printed in our studio with a FFF printer
  • Good strength, lightweigh
  • Many avalaible colors (usually printed white but you can request your favourite color)
  • Great for gargantuan or colossal creatures
  • Not suitable for small figurines with high level of detail
plasticine style dinosaur 3d printed in sandstone material


  • Printed via Shapeways.
  • Multi-color
  • Medium resolution
  • Good for 56mm+ figurines and terrains
  • Brittle material
  • Binder Jetting technology
3d printed figurine with uv resin

UV resin

  • Printed in our workshop with a SLA printer
  • Many available colors -grey is our favourite!
  • Suitable for figurines from 4cm to 20 cm high
  • High detail and smooth surface
frosted ultra detail 3d printed miniature

Frosted ultra detail

  • Printed via Shapeways
  • High Detail & Dimensional Accuracy
  • Smooth surface
  • Perfect for 28mm-32mm scale, tiny to medium characters
  • Translucent

4. Finishing

There are people that enjoy  painting their figurines, people who wants an external professional painter, people who has absolutely no talent with the brush but with a tight budget… There’s no right option, just the right option for you. FATB team will finish our in-studio printings as you need.

raw printing


  • Supports removed
  • Large imperfections fixed
  • Drain holes filled
primed resin figurine


  • Blending layers in PLA printings
  • Primed, ready to paint
metallic effect

Metallic effect

  • Made with paintings
  • Many shaders avalaible
starting level service painting figurine

Simple painting

  • Starting level painting
  • Affordable price
  • perfect for noobs!

Furry and the Beast is your custom miniature partner

My miniatures will be great and match what I approved
Well designed and printed-friendly
Delivered on time and on a budget

Aditional services

Preparing for casting

Your model will be provided in separate pieces so your mouldperson can easily manage it. If you’re going to cast it by yourself, we can prepare it for you.

Digital 3D painting

Hiring a good painter may be so expensive for an early stage of your project. We can digital paint your miniature for promotional purposes. Cooler than a concept art!

Promotional images

Show your prototypes even before of printing them! We can provide you professional 3D renders. Your bakers will love them.