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Boost your Kickstarter project. Get the right help for designing your game

Need to launch your own game but doesn’t know where to start?

Furry ant the beast will be your loyal sidekick.

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Converting your artwork into 3D

Level up your art

Show us your art and we will adapt it to create a 3D figure.

PRO tip:
Your artwork is super cool, but do not impose the constraints of 2D on a 3D design. Both mediums have different languages. We may make adjustments to create an amazing figure from multiple perspectives.
From pics to the printer

Design your mini from snapshots

Your project may not need any artwork to get promoted. If your characters are real-life based is a cost you can avoid. Do you need something like military stuff? Just send us pics and we will coordinate all items in a well-balanced figure.

weapon photo reference used to sculpt minis
backpack photo reference used to sculpt minis
muay thai pose reference for sculpting miniature

Prints for all sizes of projects

Not sure about what to do once you have your model?

1 to ≅50 prints per model

Maybe you just need some prototypes. Maybe you need just a few units, just to try. We can help you by printing just a small batch of figurines. No molds required, no more intermediaries, no complications.

Ready to be molded

Any silicon mould to cast resin figurines use to has a lifespan of at least 250 units. So, if you’re planning to sell that amount, maybe will worth order it from a specialized company. In this case, we will prepare your .stl or .obj files in a way that your moulderperson can easily manage them withouth spoilt any modeling detail.

Presupported -or not- stl files

Are you planning to print your figurines by yourself or letting your bakers do? We will provide you cool, watertight and strong .stl files. Get them presupported for ease!

Not sure about the best production method for your project?

Check out or quick guideline

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Start a project

Let us help you create the perfect printable files for your custom miniautre

What you get:
  • 100% commercial rights
  • Wise and honest solutions
  • Our printability guarantee when printing with agreed specs

1. Your data

2. Describe your project

3. Upload references