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Anatomy of a Good Miniature

Good miniatures have different features than 3D models for films or videogames.
The same way ancient sculptures do, they has special proportions adapted to gamer’s height and point of view -much larger and higher than mini’s one!

1. Ginormous weapons

Swords, shields, cloacks, axes, gun's barrels... those are a miniature's weakiest parts, and that's why they bust been modelled thicker. Although you see them too big on screen, is the thickness they need to be safely 3d printed and you can play with them without getting broken.

2. Special proportions

Head, hands and feet are about 20% or 40% bigger than usual -bigger as we approach to 'heroic scale', as ones used by Warhammer. This allow figures hang weapons wich are almost bigger than them without getting broken and looking as a weapon instead a big, rounded sausage. Furthermore, this allow you to enjoy details and paint them easily.

good miniature for 3d printing
Huge weapons
Special proportions
Real faces
3D printing-friendly

3. Real faces

Humans are different between them, and your minis should be too. Our team will ALWAYS customize your face's miniature basing on real people.

4. Thickness 100% adapted to 3D printing

One of the most common mistakes that makes modellers from other specialities is modelling superb figures with ultra-realistic wrinkles... wich you couldn't see in your miniature when it was 3D printed. Furry and the beast's team is absolutely familiarized with best printers and materials to work with, so we can guarantee you 100% printable models, adapted to tiny scales. We know when your chain is too week and will broke and how many scales needs at maximun your armor so you can easily paint it. Let yourself be advised!

Modelling quality comparison

Unexperienced modeller’s figures
  • Eye-catching at screen = no detail at printing.
  • Thin joints and weapons = they split easily.
  • Caves and unsealed holes = printing troubles.
weak miniature not suitable for 3d printing perfect miniature 3d printing friendly
Our figures
  • Clean and sharp details = great for painting!
  • Special proportions = strong miniatures.
  • Watertight surface = safe printing.

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