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Fully Customizable

Your character will be exactly as you imagined it. Don’t settle for generic elwes or warriors. What if your character is a one-handed female tiefling with short hair, curly horns and powerful digitigrade legs? We can sculpt whatever you want!

No Minimum Order

You don’t need to be an established company to get your custom character modeled. It’s more affordable than you can imagine! We value little clients as much as big companies, cause you, gamers, make big the community. That’s why we offer custom modeling to everybody, no matter how simple your project was.

Be a Gamer, be a Designer

Get your character miniaturized!

Maybe you want a female Space Marine with canine features, Geisha hairstyle, a big Mauser as a weapon and NO heels but... it doesn't exist, cause, you know, women always wear high-heels. If nobody has designed it before, be the first one!

Much more than miniatures

Busts, miniatures, figures and more

Send us pics and we’ll sculpt a portrait of your beloved person in any format: bust, miniature, full figure, head for action figures… The ultimate customization!



Bits & Parts
for conversion

Customise your models with high quality parts and really bring them to life. Cheaper than a custom miniature, funnier than your regular mini!




For an special date

Impress your friends with your own customized cufflings or surprise your partner with the ultimate geekest engagement ring. There are 3d printing materials for every budget.



Cars, spaceships, tanks... even carts

If your favourite game doesn’t have your favourite vehicle or is historically incorrect, don’t bother: tell us how exactly you want it, and we’ll sculpt it and 3d print it for you. See you on the road!





Terrains and items

Ruins, old chandeliers or maybe tech panels. For some people, scenery is the funniest thing of wargaming. Customize your terrain with unique pieces!



WeaponsAny existing or imagined weapon!

Bows, swords, axes, shields, firearms… We can sculpt in 3D any existing or self-designed weapon at the scale you choose. But hey, don’t try to use them in Real Life ™!

Start a project

Let us help you create the perfect printable files for your custom miniautre

What you get:
  • Ownership of final 3D file(s)
  • 3D printing and shipping
  • Our printability guarantee when printing with agreed specs

1. Your data

2. Describe your project

3. Upload references

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