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A little bit about us

We’ll tell you the truth: we’re not wargames gamers. We’re not painters. We’re not sellers. But we aren’t here to do the same than always.

During years working as sculptors for Imagine 3D miniatures, we’ve seen people looking for something more for their games. Something special. There are enough male characters. There are enough muscled white men, enough regular soldiers, enough aggresive beasts.

That’s why we decided to sculpt highly detailed miniatures from a different point of view. Creative female characters in strong poses. Cute beasts. Menacing furries. We’re here to represent the forgotten. Our mission is to create custom miniatures from an inclusive, unexpected point of view. We believe most of the times creators and designers just design such retrograde products drafted by statistics and profits, defeated by the fear of evolving. We, the designers, have the duty to make this industry modern and open-minded.

Of course, we can sculpt a white plain male soldier if you wish. We’ll do our best to sculpt the best white male soldier of the world, then ­čśë

No secrets for you!

We’re expert sculptors. We love designing cool minaiture┬á with natural movement. We are not videogames or film experts, we’re 3d printing masters. Son don’t be afraid: your custom miniature will be fully printable.

There are no secrets: just tons of hours of practice, years of experience observing people, sculpting, printing. Wanna see how do we work? Follow us!

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Just a quick note to say thank you for the recently delivered set of Albedo sculpts.

You have done a fantastic job, as always. We are really pleased with them. [...]So very much looking forward to working with you for years to come!

Chris Abbey (Sally 4th)from Albedo Patrol Miniature's game

Wow, I think you did a really good job so far!

Cristiano Lattanzi

IT IS LOVELY!!!! ????
Thank you so much for everything!!!!

Kim Sandin