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A little bit about us

As sculptors for Imagine 3D miniatures and many other companies, we’ve observed the unique needs of people searching for something special for their games. Traditional male characters, regular soldiers, and aggressive beasts have already saturated the market.

Creativity knows no bounds, and inclusivity is an essential aspect of modern-day art. That’s why we’ve chosen to sculpt highly detailed miniatures from an inclusive and unexpected point of view. Our mission is clear: to represent the forgotten and create custom miniatures that inspire players, creators, and designers to be open-minded and evolve. We believe that by breaking the chains of statistics and profits, we can help make the industry modern and make a positive impact.

However, if you need a white plain male soldier, we’re too the ones to call. We’ll craft for you the best white male soldier in the world. A piece of cake for us but… it’s up to you!

Look Inside

No secrets for you!

We’re expert sculptors. We love designing cool miniatures  with natural movement. We are not videogames or film experts, we’re 3d printing masters. Son don’t be afraid: your custom miniature will be fully printable.

There are no secrets: just tons of hours of practice, years of experience observing people, sculpting, printing. Wanna see how do we work? Follow us!

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimun order?

Nop. No minimun order required at all! We’re focused on providing custom miniatures for individuals so… what would you do with 200 equal figurines? We can sculpt yor figurine and print just a copy. In any case you will receive your stl files so you can print more copies if you want to have spare parts.

OK but I indeed need a large amount of miniatures...

Each project is unique, so we take the time to thoroughly assess your requirements and suggest the best methods to bring your project to life. For bulk orders, resin casting can be a cost-effective option. We can sculpt for you high-quality figurines for that purpose.

Were are you based?

We’re in Spain, so if you feel more comfortable reaching to us in Spanish… obviously, we too!

female tiefling monk

satisfied clients all over the world

February 14, 2024
Makes the minis exactly how you envision them.
Steven Zagorski
Steven Zagorski
December 29, 2023
Working with Furry and the Beast to get some custom D&D minis was a wonderful experience. They made everything nice and easy, and the process was very smooth. The 3D models were very high quality. I was very impressed with their work and will absolutely be going to them in the future when I need more custom minis.
Connor Campbell-Bisson
Connor Campbell-Bisson
August 10, 2023
These guys are great. While the whole process took a bit of time, they were very patient with my specific requests. I highly recommend them if you want a unique figure when everywhere else just isn't quite right.
IceWolf FrostBlade
IceWolf FrostBlade
June 10, 2023
Very happy with my Experience. Excellent communication throughout the the process. Very happy with the result.
Zeke Zealnera
Zeke Zealnera
May 25, 2023
Working with the Furry and the Beast Team has been a true joy! Cheaper then expected and the quality is TOP-NOTCH! The designer I worked with was very talented and very patient with my character design. (Urz is very important to me) I will ABSOLUTLY be using furry and the Beast again. Good Job all! p.s. I plan to update this review with a photo, when I get my figure which will only take a few more days!
Androconia Changeling
Androconia Changeling
February 21, 2023
They were great, friendly, fast, the hardest part was getting them the money fast enough!
Ken Gick
Ken Gick
February 7, 2023
This was my first experience commissioning a miniature and it couldn't have gone better! Alex and Val were wonderful to work with. I thought the pricing was good, the response time was excellent, and I got several WIP updates along the way. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting custom 3D work.