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Custom figurines for every purpose

No matter what you need, we will stand on your shoes

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Find the perfect gift

Custom figurines for present

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! We offer custom figurines that make for great presents on special occasions such as:

  • Engagement gift
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Birthday
  • Valentines
  • Christmas
  • Jubilee

Even if you don’t know your honoree’s favorite character, we have you covered! You can surprise them with a gift card, and we’ll help them design the figurine of their dreams.

Check out some of our miniatures for present ideas
Your beloved character in a unique set!

Custom miniature
+ display figurine

You’ve been playing that special character for months, maybe years, and no other miniature creators offer you a good sculpt for them. Furry and the beast will help!

You’ll get your loved character sculpted in battleground scale, and the same figurine adapted and printed in larger format, i.g. 6inch or 8 inch at a very competitive prize.

See some examples
dnd custom figurine for play and display
queen of hell
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Custom figurines for Book authors

Your readers would be thrilled to have physical figurines of their favorite characters. There are several reasons why you might consider having your main characters sculpted and printed

  • Figurines as a reward for your bakers/patreons
  • Figurines as merchandising
  • Your main story adapted to a RPG tabletop game

With custom figurines, you can take your readers’ engagement and enjoyment to the next level, bringing your story to life in a whole new way.

Nice and crisp details

Custom wedding
cake toppers

Are you tired of the traditional and boring cake toppers at weddings? If you’re a non-traditional bride and your partner is not the typical groom, why not opt for something more personal and unique? You can top your wedding cake with your favorite characters, such as the BBEG you and your partner fought against at the last party or your beloved pet in giant size as the BBEG. These toppers will not only add a touch of personality to your wedding cake but can also serve as collectibles you can display after the wedding!

roaring angry cat over a suitcase custom wedding topper
WWII alt game vichi zombie miniatures
Make your game come true!

Custom figurines for tabletop games

Your custom sculpts ready to get printed or molded.

  • Custom characters for existing games
  • Custom characters for existing IP’s
  • Custom creatures, animals, or monsters
  • Custom characters for new games
  • Designed to be 3d printable, resin cast or even multi-part miniatures

You can trust our team of experts to help you bring your vision to life. Imagine playing your game with custom figurines that are unique and tailored to your game!

See game with custom figurines
Nice and crisp details

Custom miniatures
for painting

Some people prefer to leave the figurines in their original plan, grey resin state, as they come straight out of the box. However, if you’re someone who enjoys painting them, then designing a figurine that’s easy and satisfying to paint requires special attention. It’s important to avoid crossed items that could make painting difficult, small soft details, or unnecessary items. Our team specializes in designing attractive, simple, and enjoyable figurines that are easy to paint. So, get your brushes ready!

See some examples
shoshie painting nice catch filipino siren boy