UK NATO soldier

UK NATO soldier

abril 10, 2019

haven trooper female soldier miniature 3d printed in a sprue

Haven trooper

Female elite trooper 30mm miniature

Dragonblood woman monk

Dragonblood woman monk

Custom 32mm miniature, RPG character

rounded face dragon miniature for dungeons and dragons

Rounded mouth gargantuan dragon

agosto 5, 2018

wizard with lighting bolt among dices, custom dungeon and dragons miniature

Wizard with his spellbook

Custom wizard for Dungeon and dragons

queen bug custom miniature for starship troopers miniatures game

Queen bug from Starship Troopers

mayo 23, 2018

custom Dungeon and dragons miniature of a female wooden elf

Female Wood elf

mayo 12, 2018

gorilla sci-fi soldier miniature with counter damage dial base

Gorilla soldier

Gorilla soldier with custom damage dial base