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S o you’ve written your rules, tested them, and now you’re thinking about finally producing your product. Although your main concern now is to get the miniatures in your hands -our team can help you with that-, you should be clear about what you will do with the digital files that any sculptor or company -cough- produces for you.

It’s important to know beforehand whether you’ll be sculpting for 3D printing, metal casting, resin casting, or PVC casting, as there are some slight differences between these production methods. However, even if you’re not sure when ordering the 3D sculpts, it’s something that can be adapted on the fly. Sometimes, our customers ask us to model figures that they don’t yet know how to produce. While we at Furry and the Beast are not molding specialists, we encourage you to contact specialized companies that can help you solve your doubts. Nevertheless, we offer you a…

quick guide so you know where to start asking


Selling .STL files

Selling or pre-selling .stl files is one of the easiest ways to commercialize your products because the final customer will also be the producer. To make the printing experience as smooth as possible, you just need to find a reliable company that sculpts your figurines. However, not all 3D printer owners are highly skilled in printing, so it’s important to provide them with pre-supported and well-tested .stl files. One disadvantage of releasing the files is that you won’t be able to control their distribution and piracy, so the sales you make in the initial hours will likely be your total sales. On the other hand, you’ll be able to design amazing miniatures with interlocking elements, without having to worry about mold overhangs.

presupported minis

presupported minis sculpted for Rafael Vargas


Printing your own files

If the thought of your files floating around on the internet makes you cringe, there is an alternative option of selling 3D prints. This is the most convenient and affordable way to produce small quantities. You do not need to create a mold, simply print and sell as and when required.

If the thought of your files being freely available on the internet makes you cringe, you can consider selling 3D prints instead. This is a simple and cost-effective method for producing small batches of products. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, you don’t need to create a mold, just print the product as and when it’s demanded by the customer.

primeval origins minis 28mm-1

Small batch of printed minis by Furry and the Beast for Primeval origins

Resin casting

There are numerous companies worldwide that specialize in resin casting. If you’re interested in DIY, you can find helpful kits like the XX to guide you through the process.

Resin casting involves using a two-piece mold made of silicone, a flexible material. Once the initial figure is removed from the mold, it is replaced with resin.

Silicone molds have a lifespan of around 300 copies, and they are less expensive than PVC casting. Therefore, it can be profitable if you expect to sell between 100 and 500 copies of each miniature.

wishing for a soul angel printing

Wishing for a soul, miniature designed by Shoshie Bauer, Sculpted by Furry and the Beast and casted by Orzol studios


Die cast

Similar to resin casting, the main difference with metal casting is that the cast is made of metal instead of resin. The main advantage of metal casting is that any miniatures that you don’t sell can be recast and reused, using the metal in future casts. Additionally, thin pieces typically bend instead of breaking.

One drawback is that the miniatures have less definition than resin ones.

assasins creed metal figurine

PVC casting

If you think big, PVC casting is your best option. A single mold can cost thousands of dollars to make, but the price per miniature is laughable, so it’s the system of choice if you expect to sell large quantities. PVC is more flexible and stronger than resin. However, you need to make larger details for the metal the mold is made of to capture them. Its main disadvantage it’s the price. China manufacturers are cheaper, but they aren’t very respectful of intellectual property laws, so it’s better to pay more and produce in the EU or USA.

siocast system

SioCast System

Whatever option you choose, we at Furry and the Beast can help you designing your miniatures. Contact us today and let’s bring your ideas to life!


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