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Tabletop wargame 30mm scale sculpts



A fast-paced, cinematic, action-packed tabletop wargame set in the modern era. Highly trained operatives are hired to conduct deniable military operations against drug cartels and their allies in crime.

Published by Startegies games lab, designed by Darren Bolton and sculpted by Furry and the beast. This project was developed during several months in separated waves to make development and funding easier.


Unique sculpts


alternative poses


project overview


of people

Different body types, including short and tall people, slender bodies, fat bodies, younger and older guys, women and men…

Real faces

from different places

Interesting faces with different facial structures, features and hairstyles

Crisp details

nice painting

Clean and sharp details easy to paint by amateur painters


by 3rd parties

All files provided in separated parts for an easy moulding

Team No. 01

Game designer and writer

Darren Bolton

Team No. 02

Miniature sculpting

Furry and the beast

Team No. 03


Ian Boe

Team No. 04

Miniature painters

Brennan Baker, Darren Bolton, Chad Lascelles, Arthur Nicholson

Cartel sculpts

While Darren gave us an inspiration style guide, he leaved us total freedom to sculpt those guys. He wanted this faction to be diverse and fun, with a savage behaviour and cool real life gangs outfits.

  • 9 thugs: female and male guys equipped with SMG or assault rifles. They wear shown underwear, fancy sport shoes, shirts buttoned at top, roserys, chain wallets, and some of them are doing gang signs and shades.
  • 4 sicarios: female and male guys eqquiped with pistols and uzi’s. Their weapons are flashy.
  • 1 lieutenant: female. She’s imposing and stylish. We sculpted two versions: with and withouth sunglasses.
  • 1 cartel drug lord: male. He’s classy, a little overweigh  and exhudes authority. He’s smoking a pure and drinking some spirit. He’s over a pile of drug bales.

Operatives sculpts

Operatives should be from different countries. They should be fitted and dressed with military non-uniformed clothes. Their weapon must be real weapons, not sci-fi ones.

All operatives were sculpted in 3 different poses: aiming a pistol, shooting a rifle and in prone position -lying in the ground.

Alpha and Beta were sculpted based on references, without seeing any art. Delta and Gamma were sculpted based on Ian’s art.

  • Alfa: female operative walking backward with an HK MP7 wearing a scarf and a cap. Her second pose is pointing gun with a knife on the holding hand and the prone pose is slithering on the ground with the knife on her hand.
  • Bravo: male black guy with cool dreadlocks and a backpack on his back. He’s firing a M4 carbine in static position, walking forward aiming a glock and crawling with the M4 below his chin.
  • Charlie: male. He looks italian, and wears a tight T-shirt and a tactical bag. O the first pose he’s holding his Tavor x95 bullpup rifle, on the second pose he’s taking the gun out of his tactical bag, and the third pose he’s shooting the rifle on the ground.
  • Delta: female, the sniper. She has half o the head shaved and a long hair. She’s wearing a camo cape. She’s firing the rifle, walking aiming the glock and pointing the rifle in a prone position.

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