David was looking for a gift for an upcoming wedding gift of a close friend who’s a tabletop fan.

His name is Vinnie & he’s very into painting/personalizing his minis, so our customer wanted to give his friend a series of 5 minis of him throughout his life that he could have.

Robin asked for us to sculpt him and his 4 friends as their characters. He send us illustrations and one pic for each of them so we could make the portraits in a more accurate way.
Months later, he wrote us again with a new adventurer request, Sego.

  • 54mm scale -except for Hulk version
  • gift for a painter
  • custom portraits
  • printed in HQ resin

Bachelorette gift

Client type


What We Did

Custom miniatures with their owner’s features + printing

Miniature No. 1

Mad scientist

Vinnie went to grad school for chemistry, so envisioning an archetypal mad scientist figure. He looks bald on top with exaggerated Rick Sanchez-eque hair on sides of his head. He wears a lab coat with steampunk goggles and gloves hands. Vinnie is holding a beaker, with a microscope at his feet because he works at a microscope company.

Miniature No. 2

The Penguin

A favorite old Halloween costume, he dressed up as the Penguin from the 60’s Batman show, complete with top hat, monacle, umbrella and cigarette holder.

Miniature No. 3

Trumpeter Vinnie

Vinnie moonlights doing standup comedy, and got the nickname “trumpeter Vinnie” based on the paperboy hat he used to wear while doing standup. He should wear the paperboy hat,  alongside a mic stand holding a trumpet.

He weared beard these years.

Miniature No. 4

Master of balancing

This comes from a college boast when he said he could balance anything in the room in his hands. This figure of Vinnie should be with both arms outstretched, with a stack of unique small items balanced on top of eachother  in each hand. His face is making a face of smug confidence (like he’s showing off his skill). Small items being balanced to include a 12 sided dice, a bong, sardine, a dog bone, a microscope, and paint brushes/paint supplies. Creating am unbalanced yet printable miniature was a challenge!

Miniature No. 5

T-shirt challenge Hulk

In High School, Vinnie had a competition with a friend about who could wear the most t-shirts at the same time. He wore about 15 shirts, looking really huge and muscular as a result. David envisioned the mini to be an oversized mini (like a final boss size) with Vinnie in a Hulk pose, mouth open screaming with a tensed neck, almost anime-style. Because this is when he was younger, this version should have hair vs. being bald. Arms should be in Hulk pose as well, with fists clenched. His torso looks large from the layers & layers of t-shirts, with that effect largely seen via multiple t-shirt layers at the neck and the waist area of the shirt.

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