Jon was gifted a voucher for a custom miniature by his friend Kory. He wanted a D&D scale miniature and something a little bit larger, made for display.

To ensure a perfect printing, we adapted the smallest details in both sizes: larger and more simple in 32mm scale and detailed and smaller in display figurine.

  • Custom iniature in two sizes: 32mm scale +75mm scale
  • Old character
  • Custom present
  • Dungeons and dragons character

Titian tortle

Client type


Our customer wanted…

.stl file + 3d printing. Same character in two sizes

Client’s references

Titian wears a slightly tattered plain white linen shirt -loose fitting with an extremely low neck line- and baggy linen pants. The one piece of clothing Jon wanted included for sure was a fur cloak that is draped over his shoulders. The back of the cloak is split down the center so the trophy he collected from a slain dragon is visible.


  • Amulet hanging around Titian’s neck. It is the amulet of the drunkard.
  • Jewel encrusted shield. It is an item from D&D 5ed. named the Spellguard Shield.
  • Wooden quaterstaff with a full figure dragon carved into the head of the staff. The length of the staff just slightly less than Titian himself.
  • Hanging by a leather strap drapped across one shoulder, is a small satchel /pouch / bag that visibly contains a book with magic runes on its cover, and a wineskin.

The last detail is the trophy Titan claimed from the dragon he landed a killing blow on Arauthator, Old White Death. Titian took just enough of the skull of this dragon so it was recognizable as a dragon, had it silvered, and had his shell partially carved away so the skull fragment could be inlayed.

Our sculpt

old tortle custom miniature in 32mm scale and 3.6 inch
Thickness of fabric, straps are higher in the smaller figurine. All surfaces are sealed between them, while the larger figurine has undercuts and thinner edges.
The shield has less and larger items in 32mm scale. Also, the display figurine has more detail in stitches, gems, and any other tiny item.
The staff looks the same in both models but it isn’t! The larger figurine has thinner dragon wings. However, once printed they look the same way.
The head and hand are slightly smaller in the figurine display version.
old tortle custom miniature in 32mm scale old tortle custom miniature in 75mm scale
old tortle custom miniature in 32mm scale old tortle custom miniature in 75mm scale