Four women and some drinks

Our customer’s partner character is a kind of unhinged lady who owns a nightclub in a sci-fi setting, and he liked a scene of her on a chair, with stairs going down and 3-4 showgirls lounging around her, maybe holding trays or touching her legs.

  • 54mm scale.
  • 10cm base.
  • 4+1 extra figurines
  • 3 individual puffs
  • 1 cool background

To maintain the project in Ben’s budget, we used the same basemesh body and main pose for all cowgirls, with just minor variations, like wider hips or slender arms. They all have different heads and hairstyles. This way they all look as different characters for a fraction the price.

To complete the scene, we added a large base with stairs, a wall with the pub’s name, a small round table with money and some seating.


54mm scale diorama

Client type

the best boyfriend

What We Did

Custom sculpt provided in separated .stlf files for easy printing

Client’s references

The owner, Cloud, should use a butcher knife. All cowgirls should wears horns/ears and has a tag, little cow bell and little wrist cuffs.

Our approach

Cloud’s knife is below her thigh. She’s drinking a dry martini while one of her dancers is receiving instructions from her and the others are serving  more drinks and olives on a small table. The last figurine is a later addition, a dancer enjoying shibari bondage on a tree

Absolute professionals and extraordinarily talented artists. They get as excited as you about your projects.

Ben ArndtD&D player and hobby painter
nightclub scene diorama 54mm with showgirls, club owner hand painted by our client ben arndt and his partner

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