Rafael was trying to reconstruc in 32mm miniatures several game characters he created in the 80s. He had some good memories then and he was trying to memorialize them. He commissioned an artist that made drawings of them. He also had his two favorite characters sculpted into statues a few years later.

  • 32mm scale
  • D&D adventurers group
  • Designed to play Dungeons and dragons
  • stl. commission to print at home

Sessair Sisters

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Our sculpts

The eldritch warrior

Jenna Sessair

The first is the older sister – an Eldritch Fighter named Jenna – Tall and graceful athletic warrior. Platinum Blonde, tan skin, green eyes, shoulder length wavy hair. Cheeks with blush and Pink lips. She has Black & gold leather armor, almost like Artemesia in the movie “300 Making of an Empire”. She should like focused, serious. At first, she was holding wielding swords that was replaced by clenched fists.

Rafael asked months later for a second pose with her hands on her hips.

The healer

Shanna Sessair

The younger sister. She has long, wavy wheat blond, or very pale blonde but not quite platinum hair. Wearing a robe or tunic, white satin with gold stitching/patterns, white boots, shorter height than her sister, athletic, curvy. Like a gymnast build. She wears a belt with pouches and scrolls. The skirt has a slit up the side.

We did an alternative pose reading a book

female rogue acrobat custom sculpt miniature
The rogue

Taryn Softraider

The third person in his crew is named Taryn who is a rogue/acrobat.
She is tall (as Jenna the Eldritch warrior) and athletic. She has a leather attire (including bracers, cloak, shoulder pads, and bustier) and her weapons are a staff & sais.

The villain


He is a very tall (6ft 3in tall), long haired, majestic, muscular human with a scar on the eye. He hears Full plate armor with chainmail. Rafael asked for two versions: one hooded and one with a skull themed helm with horns.

Months later we sculpt for him Malfador in noble’s clothes.

Customer’s pics

Painted by Josue at PhoenixMiniPaints on Etsy

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