The Plague Nurse is fighting coronavirus!

This is our way to make honor to all the health-care personnel who is caring for us during this crisis.
However, there are a lot of plague doctor figures, TV shows based on doctor’s lives…

Nurses, clinical assistants, hospital guards, paramedics… they’re always forgotten and their labor is vital to take care of us. We’re proud of our public sanitary system. We’re proud of all of them.

Inspired by the Florence Nightingale,

the Mother of Nursing

Nightingale came to prominence while serving as a manager and trainer of nurses during the Crime war. In 1860, she laid the foundation of professional nursing. She also devoted her attention to the sanitary design of hospitals and the introduction of sanitation in working-class homes.

The Times named her ‘The lady with the Lamp’, cause she used one during her rounds attending soldiers at Crimea War.

We’ve also included some steampunk and victorian items, cause she become a victorian icon. Our miniature wears a cute nurse apron full of potion jars and high boots full of pouches. She also carries some medical items as surgical scissors, her diary and a big syringe.

You can choose her head style: with vintage cap and a surgical mask, or wearing a hat and a plague mask.

Best quality for painters

The Best Material. Optimized for easy painting. Both heads.

Clean cuts

The arm with the staff is a separated piece. This way you can reach all her side with your brush

Well defined items

Lots of gadgets with clean shapes.

Change her head!

Paint both heads and change them! you can glue them to perment fixing, but the peg is enough large to maintain it firmly attached.

Standard peg

Use your own slotted base and customize it. This way you won’t be disturbed by a one-piece printed attached to the base.

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I hate glue

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Nurse with cap and mask

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High quality 3D printed miniature for $30

Nurse with plague mask

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High quality 3D printed miniature for $30