The miniature

The Morgoth is a 12-foot-tall, bi-pedal fiend with horrifying long limbs and razor-sharp claws and teeth. It’s head consists of a giant maw filled with dozens of sharp teeth, two small nose holes, and one giant eye at the top, with two smaller tentacle-like eyes protruding from each side of its head, reminiscent of a beholder. Its body is a mass of black, muscular flesh with a naturally thick torso to protect its vital organs. Coiled behind the Morgoth is its 10-foot-long tail, tipped with a cone-shaped spike that enables it to pierce its victims and drain their life force from them.

  • 28mm scale
  • homebrew D&D monster
  • Large size creature

This 12ft monsters results in a 10cm -around 4 inches- figurine.

It was 3d printed in our studio and painted by our team with first quality products.



Client type


What We Did

Custom sculpt + printing + entry level painting

From our studio to your terrain

No fancy with pencils? We will paint it for you. This creature was sculpted, printed and painted in our studio and then shipped directly to our customer’s home.

The creature has a reddish skin with a satin varnish finish to increase the fleshy aspect. We inlcuded a custom base with a hell ground: cracked lava and human bones.