Steven had been running a D&D 5E game for some friends for about 3 years. One of his players, Nolan McCool, is an artist and did artwork for everyone’s players, so Steven hired us to sculpt their characters based on their player’s artwork and gift them in Christmas. You can see his artwork in his website.

  • 32mm scale
  • Dungeons and Dragons party
  • Christmas gift

Kickflip  is a gnome paladin who is looking for his missing father.

Khepri is a wood elf barbarian.

Thia is a high elf ranger.

Orianna is a tiefling sorcerer.


Dungeons and dragons party members

Client type


What We Did

Custom miniatures based on a player’s artwork

male gnome paladin concept art
female tiefling sorcerer concept art
female high elf ranger concept art
female wood elf barbarian

Working with Furry and the Beast to get some custom D&D minis was a wonderful experience. They made everything nice and easy, and the process was very smooth. The 3D models were very high quality. I was very impressed with their work and will absolutely be going to them in the future when I need more custom minis.

Steven ZagorskiD&D player

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