Scotland discovered his friend Joe used to love painting soldier minis so he decided to give him a custom figurine he could paint for his birthday. He didn’t knew how to draw, but he had some pictures that we used to compound the figurine.

He went for a steampunk, post-apocalyptic type submariner theme. The figurine should has Joe’s face and body, and be dressed and posed as the reference provided. His weapon was a tri-barrel muzzle loader style firearm. made mainly of wood and brass. He also uses a falchion.

  • Display figurine
  • 1:10 scale
  • Portrait with real features
  • Dungeons and dragons character

Figurine as birthday gift

Client type


Our customer wanted…

.stl file + 3d printing

Client’s references

Joe should wear a steampunk inspired outfit with the Royal Navy pin on the hat

Our sculpt

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uv resin printed cusotm display figurine
uv resin printed cusotm display figurine