Client’s references

Iniquity is a wisecracking demon sent to check up on mortals that have shown a tendency towards impure thoughts.  She’s kind of a talent scout, looking for the lewdest mortals she can find!  She enjoys wearing extremely revealing outfits, although sometimes with a silly aspect to keep things interesting.

lothes references for 3d modelling
pose reference for 3d modelling
body reference for 3d modelling

Our approach

Our customer sent us a handful of images he had commissioned of her in the past so we could mix his preferred outfit, attitude and pose in a unique, custom sculpt.

She was designed to be printed in 54mm scale.

3D printed figurine

Printed in skin tone resin with a MSLA printer at 0,2mm Z resolution

skin resin succubis figurine
skin resin succubis figurine

Iniquity is looking great! working with your group has been great so far!

Infernal Person

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