eyeless anthro alien nude custom miniature

Encarigna it’s an anthro alien with wide hips, a long tail and no eyes. Our customer wanted to keep the curves and linework on the body as he said that’s what made the design so interesting. It’s a nude and evocative alien and, despite the genitalia was not mandatory, we made both versions -with and without it- because it was a really minor addition -well maybe large addition if you think about it, but you know, in therms of work!

  • 32mm scale
  • SFW and NSFW versions
  • A nude character
  • alien
  • Dungeons and dragons character

Alien with hammer drill-like penis

Client type


Our customer wanted…

.stl file + 3d printing

Client’s references

encarigna concept encarigna sculpt

Our sculpt