Roger hired us to sculpt and print for him his Rogue character, Emerix.

Emerix is an inventor that creates a suit to help him fight. The right arm is more advanced and lights up when active. It can recreate a black matter copy of any weapon he is holding in his left hand which let’s him dual wielding short swords. He wears a hooded shoulder cape over the left shoulder with a helmet. The helmet covers the face and lights up. The hexagon pattern lights up and he has it going down the side of the cape.

  • 32mm scale
  • Sci-fi character
  • Dual wielding
  • Dungeons and dragons character


Client type


Our customer wanted…

.stl file + 3d printing

Client’s references

His character was inspired by concept arts designed by Chang woo lee, Alex Figini, Gu Yunyi and Kalephrex.

Our sculpt

The result is an eye-catching yet really easy to paint custom miniature, with nice and sharp details.