The Eldritch Lich was once a powerful sorceress who delved too deep into the forbidden knowledge of the universe. In a desperate attempt to maintain her power and extend her life, she made a pact with the deity Tharizdun, sacrificing her body and soul in exchange for eternal unlife. The transformation twisted her once beautiful form into a monstrous abomination, a chilling embodiment of eldritch power and corruption.

Our customer provided us a concept art made by the artist John Latta

  • 32mm scale
  • BBEG
  • monster
  • painted in our studio

Eldritch lich

Client type


Our customer wanted…

.stl file + 3d printing + starting level painting

Our sculpt

Nice to paint, hard to battle!

“Its skin is stretched tight over its bones, a sickly shade of green that glows with an inner light. Its eyes burn with a cold, unearthly fire, and its hair is a mass of writhing tendrils that writhe and twist like a nest of snakes. Its limbs are elongated, ending in gnarled claws, and its back is hunched and twisted, bearing a mass of writhing tentacles that pulse with an otherworldly energy. The very air around it crackles with eldritch power, and its voice is a haunting whisper that echoes with the promise of eternal unlife.”

Whit this description in mind and the colour palette given by the concept art provided, we made an affordable starting level painting to this evil creature.