The figurines

Asuka and Ru-gu are two fighters inspired by Dragon ball Z style. They had even the monkey tail and spiky hair.

  • 32mm scale
  • dragon ball style character

Our client wanted two .stl files so he can print them at his home resin printer. He had previously ordered their character at Hero Forge but he wasn’t happy with the result. He just send us some references and we sculpted their dreamed characters, fully customized!


Ru-Gu & Asuka brothers

Client type


What We Did

Custom sculpt adapted to home resin printing

Better sculpted miniatures

Hero Forge alternative

Our client had previously ordered his two characters from Hero Forge. however, they had not the overall looking he was looking for, and the sculpt was quite poor

Printed in home, painted at home!

He printed his comissioned .stl files sculpted by us by his own. After that, he applied a clean, flat color to their figurines

“They worked with me to get every single detail down just right. I will be using them again, for all of my mini creations. It was a long process, but very enjoyable. They are pretty quick to respond, very pleasant. If I could give them a higher rate, I would. Well done team. I appreciate you all and the absolute amazing job you did.”

Loki Morningstar