The figurine

This couple contacted us to commission a custom figurine to display on the top of their wedding cake. They were roleplayers and they actually had their own figurines for their characters -a pair of goblins- which wanted to display on their cake. But the goblins were incomplete without a proper boss to fight with! so they hire us to make a custom figurine that represent their loved pet, her cat Lainey. She is a common, blue tabby cat with an angry expression and messy fur.

  • 32mm scale, large creature.
  • D&D monster

Maybe a grey resin figurine won’t look enought flamboyant for a wedding. However, a true metal printing would be really expensive in this size. fortunately, there’s a simple solution to maintain an affordable price: we printed the main figurine with standard SLA resin, the suitcase was printed in the cheaper PLA, and once glued, both pieces were primed and painted with a black base and a silver glazing.

To avoid contact between the painted figurine and the cake, and to ensure its stability, we added a PLA printed piece with somekind of table shape. This way they could glue it to the figurine and stick it on the cake and, once enjoyed the cake, remove that piece and let the figurine comfortably stand on a flat surface for displaying.


Custom cake topper

Client type

Groom and bride!

What We Did

Custom sculpt + printing + affordable metallic painting

Get your paws off my cake!

When you put a figurine over a cake, it lower part will be probably hidden by a layer of delicious and inconvenient whipping cream or icing. To avoid that, we decided to elevate the figurine over a base. This way it would look larger without increasing sculpting fare with a larger scale and it would leave the cream far from the cat’s paws.

Most of our team are pet lovers so we know cats hates been abandoned by their humans even a few days. They are likely to getting inside our suitcase as soon as they see us packing our clothes for some resting days outside home. So we imagined a giant monster cat could be surely guarding her human’s luggage to prevent them leave her alone in their upcoming honeymoon.