Amadeus figurine

The figurine

Karla loves her anime figurines and she wanted to get her favourite OC converted into a collector scale figurine instead a miniature. This way she could admire all the details and proudly display the figurine at her home. She provided us some concept art and ask us to sculpt a figurine as close to the original art/anime-esque style as possible. Nothing too realitic, something very stylized.

  • 1:9 scale (around 8″ / 20cm)
  • anime character
  • non-binary character
  • with a companion

Wolfgang Amadeus is a glamour bard that delved into the world of warlocking after dedicating their love for the moon goddess, Selune. Extremely charismatic, sly and even provocative, this silver tongued tiefling will do their best to get away with whatever they can.
They are nonbinary and although gender has transcended Amadeus beyond this point, they have no issues being regarded as whatever people decide to call them. Most of those who know Amadeus regard them as he/him but they are indiferent about other pronouns and happily welcome whichever one!


Display figurine for D&D personal character

Client type


What We Did

Custom sculpt + splitting in two parts + 3D resin printing

The cuttest and stylish

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

E    V    E    R

Amadeus is a tiefling bard. They wears high heels, their right hand is mechanic and their owl familiar is usually over their shoulder

I have received the figure and I am ober the moon with how amazing it is!💜 I'll be buying some acrylic paints asap to give it some colors and displaying it beautifully!
Thank you so much for the quality work!

Karla Miranda

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