The game

Albedo anthropomorphics was a furry comic book anthology series. It was credited with starting the furry comic book subgenre that featured sophisticated stories with funny animals primarily intended for an adult audience.

Albedo was started by Steve Gallacci, who produced its main feature, Erma Felna: EDF. It’s a sophisticated science fiction military series set in a sector of space populated by sapient and predominantly humanoid versions of mammal and avian species. The focus of the series is Erma Felna, a young feline officer who eventually plays a central role in the complex political conflicts that consume her universe.

Our contribution

Chris and Ann Abbey and their team have created a brand new miniatures skismish game and asked us for modelling their multi-part metal miniatures.

To this, we’ve modelled dozens of heads, arms, tails and bodies for both factions: Extraplanetary Defense Force (EDF) and Independent Lapine Republic (ILR)

fox head


Although Independent Lapine Republic is populated just by a species of supremacist rabbits, the Interstellar Confederacy groups over 150 mammals and aviar species. By the moment, we have sculpted over 10 different base heads with multiple hats variants.

raised fist


Choose your faction. Make your squad with an officer and troopers. There are several kinds of uniforms for different brigades!

female and male icon

Female and male bodies in 3+ poses

Standing, walking, running, firing, launching/holding objects, on bended knees… There are female and male bodies, with skirmish, special assault and officers uniforms and civilian clothes.

change miniature's weapon

Tons of arms

There are a lot of arms sets fully compatible with their body. We have designed e a large range of weapons and accesories, in action or relaxed poses: firing, running, ship shooting firing, raising fist, aiming a banner, holding a tablet, launching molotov coctel, etc

arms body, head and tail with pins. multipart custom rabbit trooper miniature
heads variants
arms sets
possible combinations
pledged of £5,000 goal
A furry army

Mix and match an incredibly diverse army

We modelled dozens of parts so gamers could make their own brigades: HomeGuard Airmobile Squad, Confed Infantry, Heavy Infantry Squad, Confed Airmobile Infantry... Almost all pieces are compatible between them thanks to their peg system and clean cuts.

Cute and dangerous

A wide variety of troop type

Although ILR army has less possible head combinations, there's a huge range of weapons avalaible to compound Skirmish troops, Blue Wind Special Purpose Forces Squad, Skirmish Infantry Fireteam, Garrison Infantry and much more. Heavy infantry have hard clothes while smirmish troopers wears a cool militar vest.

A furry army

Officers from both sides

Even though troopers has generic animal faces -wich can be used also for officers-, there were modelled some special animal heads for officers. This way, ILR army has Liutenant Torri, Captain Tasta and Colonel Amenaha, and for EDF army we specially modelled a Rat and Erma

Occupy Coteipi

Dynamism for protestors

Sally 4th commissioned us a protestor set wich includes 5 different arms in pretty different poses. The main challenge was modelling a body wich fitted all arms without looking weird. The movement when a person launches a rock is very different when holding a placard, but we belive we reached the goal. The result is a dynamic yet balanced pose, modelled in female and male versions and compatible with stand-alone EDF and ILR arms.

Miniatures in action

Look at the final product!

Furry and the Beast is just a part of the process. We have designed and sculpted the miniatures, but there are more teams involved in a game development as casting or distribution. We do our best to maintain a fluid conversation and quick pipeline. Final result is clearly visible!

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