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Welcome to the forge

Furry and the Beast is a 3D sculpting studio that will brings players and game developers the possibility get their own custom miniatures 3D modelled and printed.

Order your custom miniature   See how it works

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Get your own character miniaturized!

For you, for your best friend, for your girl/boyfriend, for your DM or party members. We can do the miniature of your dreams.

Just send us pics, and we’ll convert them to 3D
  • Any kind of character: humans, animals, anthropomorphics, furries, mechas, monsters…
  • Any scale: from heroic 28mm miniatures to 12inch figurines.
  • 100% custom figures. This is not a miniature creator service, you will have your UNIQUE sculpt.
  • Get your 3D printed figure or just your 3D file to print it by yourself.

kamehameha custom miniature whale humanoid

Focus on running your project, not fighting with 3D tools.

We work on projects of any scope and size. Rather if you’re planning to launch a Kickstarter project with just a pair of miniatures by the moment, or if you want to go all out with a complete game, we can help you to reach your goals.

Let yourself be helped by talented experts that let you sleep at night:
  • Professional 3D modelling
  • 3D image rendering
  • Step-by-step updates for your bakers

custom miniatures for kickstarter tabletop wargame Albedo Patrol

Hire sculptors just when needed and scale your company faster.

Expand temporarily your team by hiring a professional team of artists. We can adapt any style you need for your miniatures.

Sculpt more minis on time, on budget and issue-free
  • Quickly expand your team
  • Stop over-running on production work
  • Take more games, improve profits
  • Work with experienced miniature sculptors

custom miniature modelled for games companies

Dungeon masters, brave players, miniature painters, fantasy writers and game developers… See how we’ve helped our clients with totally custom awesome miniatures specially designed for them

3D figures at any scale

We can create your miniature at your favourite scale: 28mm, 32mm, 56mm, 72mm, or toys scales. Just choose it at the beginning of the modelling!

Characters, scenery, tokens or vehicles

We are specialized in modelling all kind of characters -military, historical, anthropomorphics, animals, creatures, fantasy, mechanicals- and scenery for your tabletop games -castle interiors, ruins, sci-fi corridors, spaceships…

Master models for any mass-production method

We can 3D print your master model, prepared as many pieces as necessary. We know how to model specifically for different types of mass production: metal casting, resin casting or plastic sprue.

Guidance through designing

Trust an experienced team to design and create your dreamed miniature. We’ll show you the path to success.

3D visualization images

We’ll show you images through modelling process, but, if you need it, we can provide you professional 3D renders so you can show your product to your future customers.

Kickstarter Project Bundle

Maybe you are a tabletop games developer and a entrepeneur but designing is not your main area. Don’t worry, we can improve your project’s appearance by managing your kickstarter graphic design and simulate by computer your prototypes so you don’t need to waste money in production before getting your project totally funded.

thank you so much for all the hard work gone in to quill he looks outstanding and i cannot wait to paint him when he arrives

Nathaniel WebbDnD player, owner of Qillek

I would just like to say working with you guys was awesome. I plan on coming back in the future. Thanks for the great experience!

Seth ChapaDnD player

He looks great! I love it, thanks so much.

Jonathan GriffithDnD player

It was amazing working with you guys on this project! Everything looks great! I can't wait to see them printed and in person. You guys are rock stars!

Erika RadtkeProud owner of The Sin wagon

I will say again, you and your team are very good at business as well as your artistic talent. It has been a pleasure working with you.

B.A. VonsikWriter, award-winner author of Primeval Origins

Professional team of artists

With strong artistic skills and a huge knowledge of human and animal anatomy, movement, protraiting and aestethics.

Specialized in modelling for 3d printing

Your work with Furry and the Beast experts is 100% risk-free! Your 3D model will be fully printable. No more weak weapons, no more loose details. Trust in aexperienced team specialized in 3D printing, not in modelling for videogames or films.

Print it again

You will get your miniature 3D printed and and high-poly .obj or .stl file checked so you can print it again and again.

How do we work

Write us

Not sure where to start? Chat with our expert design team and discuss project goals, miniature design, scales and materials.

different 3d printing projects: warrior miniature, vehicle sprue, creature, bits
conversation hiring 3d modeller

Design it

Work with a 3d modeler, provide feedback, and see your figurine come to life.

3D printing

We deliver a 3D file you can use any times you want, and your 3D printed figure directly to your home.

custom 3d printed miniature high definition

From your mind to the battlefield

Your custom miniature beyond your wildest dreams
Order now your custom miniature   Explore our custom miniatures

WIPs and news

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Albus Dumbledore miniature

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